Organic Beauty Products

Abdu maintains a business alliance with a holistic skin care factory in the US West-coast to manufacture, bottle and distribute organic beauty products on a white-label basis. These products are then private labeled for companies, including small business owners, who would like to sell under their own brand name.


Abdu holds a few ERC-721 Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. These tokens include: 888.forever, Dubai.forever, UAE.forever and Vegas.forever.

Premium Domain Names

With a career spanning 20 years in the domain name space, Abdu has built a reputation in acquiring and reselling premium domain names. With over a thousand domains sold to date, Abdu owns a remarkable collection of one-word and two-word investment-grade names in .com and .ae. Some of these gems include:,, and As the .ae domain market has been heating up lately, special thanks to more companies realizing the need to build on a catchy memorable domain, Abdu developed software that registers one-word domains the moment they're dropped from the registry (due to non-renewal). A few of the .ae's in Abdu's collection include:,,,,,,,,,,, and among others.